Our beers are hand crafted and made with passion from top quality ingredients. We are the “Blues Musicians” of brewing, putting our own twist on classic beer styles. Power House beers are full flavored, and quality focused. Award winning beers, made from small batch specialty malts and hops from all parts of the globe. Brewed from a local water source outside Columbus, Indiana similar to that used in Kentucky Bourbon or Tennessee Whiskey. We offer original beers, unfiltered, with no additives, no preservatives and no unnecessary chemicals. Good and natural, our beers are vegan friendly, except Diesel Oil Stout, which contains milk sugar.

Ceraline Cream Ale

Lighten Up With Ceraline Cream Ale! A refreshing golden ale inspired by noble German Pilsner and traditional American beer. Legend has it that the corn flake was invented at Cerealine Mill, just one block from our restaurant in downtown Columbus, Indiana. The nineteenth century mill produced this flaked corn as hot cereal and as an adjunct for brewing. We brew Ceraline Cream Ale with flaked corn similar to what was produced at the mill.

4.8% abv 22 IBU

Diesel Oil Stout

Stout It Out Loud! Social lubricant, a black stout beer with a firm brown head and a little bit of lactose (milk sugar) for ballast. Available for CO2 or Nitro! Columbus is home to Cummins Inc., makers of diesel engines. Diesel Oil Stout is brewed in honor of the hard working men and women in our community!

“The best stout in Indiana!” ~Rita T. Kohn, author of True Brew

6.6% abv  33 IBU

1.21 Giga-Hops IPA

You’ll be exclaiming “Great Scott!!” once you try this crisp refreshing IPA.  With its subtle citrus taste, great American hop aroma, and stunning platinum gold color you’ll understand why we say 1.21 Giga-Hops is what makes flavor possible.

7.3% abv  79 IBU

Beers currently Distributed through Columbus Bar

Jack The Bum Ale

Dont Be A Bum, Drink One! A German Alt-style beer, Jack The Bum won a medal at the 2013 Brewers Cup. Walking the line between Pale Ale and Amber Ale, its the best of both worlds. A red beer with nice bitterness, and a malty backbone. We use the same type of hops in this beer as we use in Diesel Oil Stout, so we have “bummed” the hops. Jack The Bums namesake lived in a shack down by the river in 1930s Columbus, Indiana and saved local children from drowning.

5% abv 60 IBU


Love Nugget Pale Ale

A medium bodied American pale ale loaded with hop flavor and aroma, featuring Nugget hops, well balanced by small batch specialty malts.

6.2% abv 85 IBU


Our Seasonal Beers

Pink Houses Hibiscus Wheat Ale

An American style wheat beer brewed with hibiscus flowers.  This rosy pink colored ale is slightly tart upfront and has a light fruitiness in the body.  With a nice clean finish and the low alcohol content , Pink Houses is a perfect summer beer.

4.1% abv  17 IBU


Moms New Boyfriend Imperial Black IPA

He Doesnt Have To Love You! A black beer with a dense off-white head. Toppling 100 IBUs it packs a bitter punch that carries through the malt and high gravity to leave you with a touch of bitterness in the finish. Released the first week of February.

10% abv 100+ IBU



A delicate balance between dry rye spice and hop aroma. An American Pale Ale base creates the pallet for the hops and rye. A unique, copper colored beer with lots of flavor. Released the first week of April.

6.3% abv 92 IBU


Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

Scotland is not famous for beer . . . . but it should be. Almost no bitterness due to the fact hops do not grow well in Scotland. Subtle warm alcohol notes are quenched by a blanket of malt smoothness that dissipates slowly with a hint of peat smoked malts, inspired by fine Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Leaving a pleased drinker wanting more. Released the first week of September.

7.2% abv 37 IBU


Daytime Drama Session IPA

A lighter-bodied aroma and flavor hop focused, lower alcohol beer designed for summer fun! Released the first week of June.

4.5% abv 64 IBU


Workingman Wheat

Traditional German-style Hefeweizen. Refreshing straw colored wheat ale with hints of clove and banana, and a refreshing finish. Brewers Cup medal winner. Released in summer.

5.3% abv 20 IBU


Dragons Breath Imperial Red Ale

You Cant Tame The Dragon! This beer was originally brewed as a challenge from one of our staff. This is a big beer with lots of flavor, brewed with Belgian candi sugar, and cinnamon. Released in winter.

8% abv 85 IBU


Two Daves IPA

Our salute to hops. Citrus American hops break through a firm malt background and linger subtly on the pallet after swallowed. A nice hoppy finish to a solid hop forward beers.

7% abv 100 IBU


White River Brown Ale

A full bodied well-balanced mahogany colored brew with a good hop character, nutty flavor and off-white head. A beer that is easily digestible and pairs well with most foods. Brewers Cup medal winner.

5% abv 20 IBU



Other Beers Featured in our Restaurant, not in regular production

Ice 9 Belgian-syle IPA

Booyah Barrel Aged Barleywine

Barrel Aged Diesel Oil Stout

Barrel Aged Jack The Bum

Fire In The Bum (pepper infused Jack The Bum)

Two Daves Squared Imperial IPA

Joie De Vivre Belgian-style Triple

Brother Lawrence Belgian-style Abbey Ale

Happy Camper American Wheat Ale

1436 Dark Wheat

Chocolate Thunder Chocolate Stout

Fuggly ESB


Insulator Dopple Bock

Slam Dunkle